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America, F*CK YEAH!

Since the release of the Toyota GR Yaris worldwide, something has been amiss.

There was a feeling among the GR the feeling of walking past a homeless man while living your best life.

The issue? Our American brothers had been left behind! *insert gasps*

But Toyota knows just as we do, in the U.S.A. BIGGER is BETTER! And so of course it was only natural that the USA received the GR Yaris' bigger brother, the GR Corolla!

Now of course, the cries of the spoiled GRY purists can be heard far and wide; "Something, something, hOmOLoGaTioN blah! Too heavy durr!" *inaudible screams*

No Homologation? Arrest that man! I mean seriously, yes it's cool that the GRY is a WRC Homologation, but a good car is a good car. The GRC's extra size and extra 2 doors are welcomed features for those of us who are "space-challenged" (read: fat).

We all know that the G16E-GTS platform is no slouch and easily squeezed for more.

Powering a Corolla chassis, which in GR spec is about 200kg (440lb) heavier than the GRY, may require a little more jandal. But you get that on the big jobs.

The BIG Question: DOES IT FIT?

Yep, our Intake Manifold to suit the G16E-GTS platform fits both the GR Yaris & Corolla!

This is in-part due to our design, as well as Toyota not playing silly-buggers with any annoying minor changes to the engine platform. Praise be! We are eternally grateful.

Look at that runner length!

In the next blog we hope to de-mystify the science of optimised intake manifold design and what you should look for in an intake manifold to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us on socials/email/website.

Happy modifying!

Mark Weldspeed Sales & Media

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