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AT Power Shaftless Throttle

AT Power Shaftless Throttles

AT Power’s single throttle is ideal as a replacement of OEM single throttle units or on custom N/A & Forced Induction installations.

The AT Power ‘Shaftless’ system can improve flow by up to 10% on common throttle body sizes. In fact, tests show an AT Power throttle has 99.5% the same flow as having NO BUTTERFLY AT ALL. The minimal disruption caused by the ‘Shaftless’ blade allows a smaller throttle bore, resulting in higher airflow velocity resulting in a higher volumetric efficiency.


Made from aerospace grade aluminium with a stainless steel knife-edged blade, this offers the typical advantages of an AT Power throttle in a small, compact product ideal for mounting to a plenum and suitable for turbo charged, super charged and naturally aspirated applications.

Various custom colours available, with sizes from Ø36mm to Ø85mm.

Note: These are not a stocked item & lead times may vary. Please contact us prior to placing your order.

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