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Ford Mazda Duratec Intake Manifold

Ford/Mazda DURATEC


The new Weldspeed Ford/Mazda DURATEC Intake Manifolds are designed in consultation with leading engine specialists & guided by the latest in engine intake research combined with a no compromise approach in metallurgy and production methods.

Whether it's for an OEM fit, an engine swap, boosted or N/A, the Weldspeed Ford/Mazda DURATEC intake manifold is designed and built for performance. We have designed this intake manifold to feature customisable-length intake runners for torque maximisation and a forward-facing plenum design to suit those tight engine bays in both FWD & RWD layout.

The all-new DURATEC intake manifold is a clean-slate design that incorporates a Billet head flange, 4mm thick aluminium plenum, integrated bell mouths and customisable-length intake runners. The manifold is then prepared and meticulously TIG welded by our expert craftsman.

The orientation of the plenum can be ordered to front-of-engine or rear-of-engine facing and are supplied with Viton O-ring head flange seals & various vacuum hose adapters.

All manifolds are built to suit multiple throttle options (including Bosch DBW, ProFlow cable, AT Power,  etc) and supplied in our Satin finish or choice of powdercoated colours at an extra cost.



We recommend the International Courier service and is calculated at check out. For a more accurate price on shipping please contact us.


Intake Manifolds 7-10 business days
AT Power shaftless throttle 8-12 weeks
Bosch & Proflow throttles 7-10 business days

  • Specifications

    • Aluminium 4mm Plenum & Runners
    • Viton O-ring Seal
    • Vacuum Ports (1x 1/4NPT and 2x 1/8NPT)
    • Various Throttle Body Options

    Build times vary depending on selections, please contact us for more info.

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