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GR Corolla GR Yaris Intake Manifold

GR Corolla/Yaris Intake Manifold

The wait is OVER!


Our G16E-GTS Intake Manifold represents our attempt at a clean-slate design with the sole aim of improving upon the OEM Intake Manifold in as many ways as possible. We are able to achieve this with increased plenum volume & optimised runner geometry for midrange torque output and improved Volumetric Efficiency at higher engine speeds.


Back-to-back dyno testing has shown an increase in torque and horsepower with NO OTHER CHANGES. Peak torque was also achieved much earlier than with the OEM Intake.
*Test vehicle fitted with Motec ECU running closed-loop AFR.
*Secondary testing has confirmed similar results with OEM ECU.
*NOTE: As always, any changes to your intake tract should be monitored by a tuner for safe operation and maximum performance gains.


This Intake Manifold is a no-compromise bolt-in performance part that in specifically designed to increase horsepower and torque in your G16E-GTS powered GR Yaris or GR Corolla.


Standard finish offered is raw cast aluminium, with options for powdercoating.



We recommendthe International Courier service and is calculated at check out. For a more accurate price on shipping please contact us.


Intake Manifolds 7-10 business days
Powder Coating adds 7-10 business days to normal lead time

  • Specifications

    • Gravity Cast A356 Aluminium
    • Direct fit to OEM piping & OEM throttle
    • Increased plenum volume
    • Optimised runner geometry for mid-range torque output
    • Improved VE at higher engine speeds
    • Viton O-ring Seal

    Build times vary depending on selections, please contact us for more info.

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