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321 Stainless Sch10 pipe

321 Stainless Straight Pipe

Weldspeed is proud to release our new range of 321 STAINLESS STEEL material.

Good engineering starts with choosing the correct material.

If you’re designing a turbo manifold, choosing the right material for the application is vital in ensuring the part will repeatedly withstand extreme heat cycling and stand the test of time.

Grade 321 is a Titanium-stabilised stainless steel which has a major advantage in its resistance to intergranular corrosion following prolonged exposure to temperatures within the chromium carbide precipitation range of 427°C to 815°C (800-1500 degF).

Why use 321 stainless over 304 stainless in turbo manifold applications?

321 stainless is specifically designed for use in high temperature applications. One major chemical difference between 321 and 304 stainless is the addition of titanium in 321 stainless to "stabilize" the alloy and to eliminate the risk of intergranular corrosion. When 304 stainless is held in the precipitation range for an extended period of time the carbon and chromium atoms will move (precipitate) to form chromium carbide, depleting the structure of chromium and its corrosion resistance. When this occurs the cromium depleted zones are now susceptible to corrosion cracking . This makes 321 stainless ideal for use in turbo exhaust manifolds and other exhaust products that see high levels of heat over prolonged periods of time. 321 stainless is the superior choice for heat-related corrosion resistance.


This material is Schedule 10 (Sch10) using Nominal Bore Pipe Sizing.

32 nominal bore = 1 1/4 inch nominal pipe size
40 nominal bore = 1 1/2 inch nominal pipe size
50 nominal bore = 2 inch nominal pipe size
65 nominal bore = 2 1/2 inch nominal pipe size


If you have any questions about a specific project in which you wish to utilise our materials, please contact us and someone from our technical team will be glad to assist.

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